Tritone Studio is an in-house postproduction, film service and production company based in Riga, Latvia and Denmark.

Since 2009 we do TV commercials, animations, short films, music videos, fiction and animated documentaries, provide film service and produce our own feature films.  

Post Production and Animation Department

Our animation department specialises in traditional animation (hand drawn or so called Disney style animation). We are proud that we can still keep alive the craft of talented animation artists that work with technics that become almost a rarity in this age of motion graphics. But o course we do a lot with motion graphics, cut out and vector based 2D animation (check out animation showreel). Stop motion, claymation, photography cut-outs are also part of our day-job.

3D and CGI department specialises in photorealistic compositing (showreel) and 3D character animation as well.

Film Service in Latvia

Tritone Studio film service department offers everything for full production in Latvia: location scouting, casting, set design, indoor studio facilities (green, blue or other screens), camera and light rentals, full film crew, local directors, cinematographers, set designers and art directors. Riga is a city where almost any locations can be found - from middle age castles to futuristic office buildings and luxury apartments.'s


Audio Studio in Riga

Riga's studio is neighbours an audio studio "Mute"  (check their website) where audio post production can be done. Their service includes: mixing, SFX, commercial and film sound mastering, music composing, foley sound and voiceover recording.


Since 2009 we have worked with many talented directors, visual artists, motion graphers, d.o.p., animators and we can solve almost any technical and creative challenges.

We always offer an individual approach to every project we do!

Looking forward working and creating with you!


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